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Getting placed in Microsoft is the Dream of almost every Computer science student. Few may crack and some may not. so, here is the article for those who are desperate to crack Microsoft Interview in Campus Placements as well as off campus Recruitment Drives. The Best way to crack Microsoft Placement written and Interview is here by those who already faced, cracked the Interview and working in Microsoft besides that This article also gathered the experience of those who failed to clear the interview. Remember that both have same experience in the interview.

Microsoft India Global Delivery

Eligibility Criteria: 7 CGPA and above

CTC: 9-10 LPA

Written test pattern: 


 Number of questions

Duration per section

Aptitude 40 30
Technical 20 40
Written English Test (Essay) 1 20


Technical Interview:

Brush up on the following:

  • Data Structures
  • OOPS Concepts
  • OS
  • DBMS

Multi National Companies are not just focusing on theoretical concepts, but on whether or not you are able to associate your knowledge with real world situation. If you are unable to write the code in a programming language, convey the same to the interviewer and write an algorithm instead.


HR Interview:

“Tell me a little bit about yourself” is the first thing any interviewer would ask you. Preparing for that question might sound silly, but having an idea of what you might be telling and practicing in front of the mirror wouldn’t hurt.

Suggested Readings:

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